Fall Transformation Workshop:
Release, Reconnect, & Recalibrate

Saturday, September 14th

Live group offering at the office of Kate Bathras Coaching in South Portland, Maine

Fall.  A time of vibrant color.  Of change.  Of release.  Of reconnection.

We shift gears from the warmth of summer to the cooler, darker days of introspection and new routines. 

What are your hopes and dreams for fall? 

Where do you want to focus your energy during this transitional time? 

Are you still feeling connected to the intentions you set at the beginning of the year, or do they feel like ancient history? 

What kind of abundance do you want to welcome into your life this fall?

Join me for a fun and nourishing exploration of what your soul is calling for this season.  During our three hours together, you’ll be doing some serious tuning in, connecting to what you really want and need, and clearing the path for it to come your way. 

We’ll take a look at what is coming up as you transition from summer to fall, and how to prepare yourself energetically for this season of change. 

We’ll play with various tools and exercises designed to reconnect you to yourself and all of the possibilities available to you in this new season.  You’ll leave ready to move forward with intentional action in an open, aligned, and intuitive way. 

Join me in setting the tone for more ease, connection, joy, and whatever else your soul is yearning for this fall!

Your investment for this powerful 3-hour experience is $45.

Limited to 8 participants to ensure a connective small group experience for all.

Registration is closed for the Fall Workshop.


Conscious Grieving Circle

September 24th
October 22nd
December 3rd

Live group offering from 6:00-8:00pm at the office of Kate Bathras Coaching in South Portland, Maine

There is so much we can’t choose when it comes to our grief. We don’t know when it will surface, where we’ll be when it does, or how hard it will hit us. We can’t choose how big our grief will feel, from a particular loss or at any given time.

When it comes to grief, though, there is one choice we can make.

We can live in fear of our grief, resisting it, tensing when we feel its presence looming, always looking over our shoulder wondering when it might surface and whether it will crush us when it does.

Or, we can learn to be present with it, practice facing it and embracing it again and again, until we come to the embodied understanding that it will always be part of our lives and that’s okay. We arrive at the inner knowing that those waves of grief will continue show up, and that when they do, we may sometimes be able to ride them like an experienced surfer, sometimes find a way to allow them wash over us while we remain steady, and also that they may sometimes knock us down and toss us around until we’re battered and bruised with sand burn on our knees and salt water up our nose, but knowing still that eventually the wave will pass and we will rise to the surface again, changed but more or less in one piece.

This is why I’ve created the Conscious Grieving Circle. Not to fix it, or to end it, or somehow speed up the processing of it, as if it can be processed in some linear way. Not to lessen its impact. But to meet our grief in such a way that we are able to truly honor it, in all of its powerful, painful, and complicated beauty. To understand that to grieve is to be human, to be alive, to have a great capacity for love and connection. Because when we learn to live with our grief and honor it in this way, we can know that we are going to be okay, even while allowing ourselves to fully feel that we are not. We know that we can handle it, without disregarding how brutal it is. We can experience healing, without denying ourselves the experience of the pain. We can choose not to fear our grief, but to fully experience it as the expression of love and humanity that it truly is. In doing so, we bring more ease, connection, and peace into our lives.

Join me for our monthly circle where we practice just this. Come as you are. Through guided meditation, movement, writing, and other forms of reflection, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with your grief in an intimate way, and share as much or as little as you’d like with the group. You’ll leave feeling supported and connected, and with tools for consciously navigating grief in the context of your day-to-day life. This circle is skillfully and lovingly facilitated with the intention of creating a safe, sacred space for all.

Investment is $25 per session. Limited to 8 participants to ensure an intimate and supportive group experience.

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Conscious Grieving Circle FAQs

  • Do I need to sign up for all sessions?

No. While there are benefits to participating and practicing regularly, each session stands alone, and you register for each session individually. You may attend as many sessions as you’d like, and spots are first come, first served.

  • Does participation require that I’ve recently lost a loved one?

No. We’ve had participants who are grieving for a whole host of reasons. If you are experiencing what feels to you like grief, either from an acute loss or simply because grief is part of life and growth, you are welcome here.

  • Is this program for women only?

No. This program is for anyone of any gender identity who is experiencing grief and looking to explore what it means to grieve consciously, with the loving support of a facilitated group.

  • Will I learn tools to use in “the real world”?

Absolutely. Sessions will include various practices, tools, and resources that can be used for navigating grief (and other emotions) in your day-to-day life, as well as opportunities to offer and receive support during the session itself.

  • Will I be expected share with the others in the circle?

No. While you will be invited to share, and most participants feel that sharing is a beneficial part of the group healing experience, you have total permission to share as little or as much as you’d like during our time together.

  • Is this a religiously-affiliated gathering?

No. This offering is open to anyone of any religious or spiritual background. While we will be using mindfulness-based tools and the topic of religion or spiritual connection may come up during discussion as it pertains to and individual’s experience, each person’s own beliefs are welcome and respected.

  • I’m interested, but this is definitely outside of my comfort zone. Should I come?

Yes! Grief is scary, I get it. When you’re grieving, you feel raw and tender, and a whole bunch of other things. If you suspect that you may benefit from this group experience, please do join us, understanding that we get it. I facilitate this program with the intention of creating a safe, sacred, respectful space and honoring the needs of everyone in the group. There is no way to do this wrong, and you are welcome to come as you are, feelings and all. If you have questions for me prior to registering, please email or call so that I can support you in deciding if this circle is for you.

  • Is this program offered online for people who don’t live in Maine?

Not currently. The program is currently an in-person offering for my local community in South Portland, Maine and the surrounding area. It may be that I create an online version at some point in the future, and I do have other online offerings in the works, so be sure to join my email list to stay informed. My coaching services are available via phone from anywhere in the world, so check out my website or schedule a consult to explore how we might work together to support you during a time of grief, growth, or change.