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Navigate your growing edge with confidence.


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You’re ready, aren’t you?

There’s something emerging for you.  

You may or may not know what it is, but you feel it; a dream, a calling, a whisper, a restlessness.  Maybe you’re at a major crossroads, on the verge of a new endeavor, or maybe you’re just feeling out of sync.

In any case, it’s a time of change and expansion for you. Intriguing. Exciting. Ripe with potential. And just a bit scary or uncomfortable, too.  

This is where I meet you.  At the edge of your comfort zone.  That place where growth and transformation happen.  The place where you begin to peel back the layers, remove what’s getting in the way, and bring your life into alignment with what your soul is calling for.  

I support you in navigating your growing edge with confidence and grace, so that you can bring the most vibrant and impactful version of you to your life and work.  Together we’ll work on infusing your days with more intention, passion, and purpose, so that you can begin living from a place of easeful and inspired action.

Sound good?  I’m so glad you’ve found me.  

Let’s get to work.

What they say...

The timing was perfect, the flow was awesome, and Kate provided empowering, thought-provoking questions with support and compassion.
— D.L., Workshop Participant

let's work together...


If you are ready to lean into your growing edge and are seeking a supportive container within which to do this transformative work, I’d love to be part of your journey.  

The first step is to contact me so that we can set up a time to get to know each other and explore how I might support you.  During this complimentary consultation, we’ll shine some light on what is happening for you, explore the possibility of working together, and answer any questions you have about the coaching process.


What they say...

After working with Kate, I learned to not only identify the negative pattern, I learned to create a new rule for myself. The clarity that I had after Kate’s support was exactly what I needed.
— D.T., Coaching Client
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