what clients are saying...

“Kate is incredibly compassionate, empathetic, genuine and wise. This was my first time working with a coach, and I was worried that I would have an experience that was potentially prescriptive or even condescending. But Kate was such an incredible resource with an overwhelming ability to listen and hone in on what I was feeling (even when I wasn't saying it).

Kate helped me reclaim my power and find my personal spark again. I am so grateful to her for helping me through what was truly one of the most difficult decisions/transition-points in my life.”


A.T., Coaching Client

“The work with you has been really, really big in shifting all sorts of beliefs, and stories, and ideas. It has made a way bigger impact than I would have expected or hoped for.

The coaching with you has been invaluable in helping me uncover my feelings and how to navigate them. You are SO very gifted in what you do. And I am so grateful for it. All this growth might have happened, but I know it would have taken ten times longer without you. Thank you for sharing your gifts with me.”


J.D., Coaching Client


"To say Kate Bathras is a remarkable coach would not be reflective of the total nature and character of her place in the relationship.  She absolutely is a remarkable coach and more. She is your partner, your confidant, and your ‘self-interpreter’- meaning, she listens so deeply and intently, she hears you so clearly, that she’s able to relay your shared thoughts back to you in the most profound and clarifying ways.  

I had several experiences in my time with Kate where I felt like I was rambling and my thoughts were all over the place, and Kate heard me on a level I didn’t know I was on...like there’s a heart translator on her ears, so that my spoken words were filtered through and came back showing me a clear and beautiful version of me, which facilitated some amazing changes and much needed work to take place in my life."


G.C., Coaching Client

"Before working with Kate, I would find myself struggling with a repeated self talking pattern that wasn't serving me well.  Although the circumstances varied, I kept repeating the same negative message, which, when doing so, would affect my energy level and bring me down.
After working with Kate for our 3 month engagement, I learned to not only identify the negative pattern, I learned to create a new rule for myself.  The clarity that I had after Kate's support was exactly what I needed to change this negative thought pattern.
As a result of this breakthrough, I now not only recognize the "old pattern" when it creeps in, I now change the message I send to myself to a "new rule" I created, which produces positive and productive results!"  


D.T., Coaching Client

"The timing was perfect, flow was awesome, and Kate provided empowering, thought-provoking questions with support and compassion."  


D.L., Workshop Participant